A Love Letter To All The Non-traditional Moms This Mother's Day

A Love Letter To All The Non-traditional Moms This Mother's Day

Like our families, Mother's Day can look different for everyone.


Yet, the special day in May may bring up memories of handwritten cards decorated with stickers that we prepared in school for mom. Nowadays, it may be rushing to the florist early on Sunday morning to grab the last beautiful bouquet to surprise mom with at breakfast.


But what if Mother's Day didn't look like that for you? And since when has there been a one-size-fits-all when it comes to moms? Like our bodies, our precious mother's come in all different types of 'moms.'


So this year, let's celebrate motherhood in all its beauty because there's no one way to be a 'mom.' Every mom and her relationship with her children is special and unique.


This is a tribute to all the non-traditional (and traditional) moms out there!


Single mother

Wow! Now, this is a strong woman. Typically a mom who took on the role of both mom and dad never pictured her life in this way until it happened. And as we get older, we realize and appreciate our non-traditional mom and just how much she must have sacrificed to raise a child on her own. No gifts or flowers in the world can reflect the strength of a single mother. Treat her like a queen this Mother's Day and let her know you appreciate all she does for you.



It's all about celebrating family spirit, and your stepmom can often be part of that picture. Everyone's relationship with their bonus mom looks different, and how incredible that there's more than one strong woman you look up to in your life. We're sure she'll be beyond grateful for acknowledging her influence on your life, whether that's a simple text in the morning or a bunch of fresh flowers when you see her next.


Biological mother

A biological connection is an undeniable bond that stays with you for life. We know this isn't exactly 'non-traditional,' but it's still special enough to mention. This is the woman who baked you for nine months, brought you into the world, and was there for every milestone in your life. Of course, all relationships with our moms are different, but there's nothing like carrying the person's DNA who created you. Spoil your mother this day (and every day) by spending quality time together and gifting some unique jewelry.


Foster mother

Would we be wrong to assume that your foster mom is the most selfless and kind-hearted woman you know? And even though she may not have always been your 'mom' or isn't right now, it doesn't mean that the time that she was is in the past. Check in with this beautiful soul and show her you care and value her this Mother's Day.


Adoptive mother

There's nothing like the bond between a child and the woman who chose to love, nurture and raise you - what a beautiful gift of life to give! Let your incredible adoptive mom know how much she means to you this Mother's Day, and plan a day together you know she will love.


Animal mother

As far as non-traditional families, we can definitely call this a modern family. Being a pet mom is a real thing, and even though your adorable fur-baby can't run to the gift shop to show how much they love you, we suggest you spoil yourself and add your puppy's name to the card, so you know it's from them.



Being pregnant and expecting a baby (especially for the first time) can make you see motherhood in a completely new way. You are already a mom and responsible for the life you will soon welcome into the world. We encourage you to reflect on your feelings about what being a mother means to you. This is a truly special moment because it only happens once in your life, so treat yourself. Whether it’s some self-care like bath time, a new book, or a banging new outfit to make you feel a million bucks, enjoy this moment because we’re sure it will be much busier next year!


Angel mother

If your mom is no longer earth-side, it's normal for Mother's Day to stir up mixed emotions. But it's also a beautiful opportunity to remember and do something special that you know your mom would love. Celebrate her soul, and we're sure she'll be there with you in spirit.


Mother's Day might be once a year, but we encourage you to remind your mom, whoever that is to you, how much you treasure her as much as you can.

We know that this list can be much longer, and whoever your non-traditional mom is to you - celebrate her (or him). Life can be so busy, and finding a moment of stillness to recognize and be thankful for what we have can be tricky. Take this day (or another day if that works better for you) as a reason and excuse to prioritize your mom and show her how much she means to you.


P.S If you want to send mom a cute little post Mother's Day gift to keep the spirit of the celebration alight a little longer, look at our gorgeous jewelry collection and get you and your mom a matching set for something special to wear.

As always, love Easy Clothes x

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