It's Pride Month: So What's Your Love Language?

Love is love. But how we show that can vary a lot from person to person. 

In recognition of LGBTQ Pride Month (which runs for the entire month of June), we want to encourage you to give and receive love in the way that makes you feel the most seen, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. We're all human, and experiencing love is a fundamental human right (and need). 

What are the 5 love languages?

The concept of the 5 love languages is based on the book (of the same name) by Gary Chapman, first published in the early 1980s. The 5 Love Languages set the blueprint for partners to better understand their emotional needs and how they most feel loved and valued in a relationship. 


Why do I need to know my love language?

It's so important to know your love language because it means you can understand how you like to receive and express love and work on facilitating a healthy relationship. You can better communicate your needs and be more emotionally present to a romantic partner when you know your love language. But the way you like to receive love doesn't mean your partner will too. 

It also doesn't mean that you should only know your love language if you're in a relationship. Whether you're flying solo, have been in millions of relationships, or are in an entanglement of some sort, identifying your love language is a form of self-awareness and can help you understand yourself better.


Read on to learn about the 5 types of love languages and work out what your primary love language is. 


Physical touch

If you love a good hug and feel most cared for when your lover gives you physical affection, your love language is physical touch. Physical touch refers to affectionate gestures that make you feel emotionally closer to your partner (through physical connection). Does this sound like your partner? Make a conscious effort to ruffle their hair or place your hand on their knee in a public area to let them know you're there and keep your relationship fresh.


Acts of service

Does nothing make you weak at the knees, like when your partner does something for you? It could be helping out with house chores, baking some yummy cookies, or simply taking one task off your to-do list - whatever the activity is, you feel thrilled that they cared enough to put effort into doing something for you. If your better half is a lover of acts of service, try surprising them with a loving gesture like the ones we mentioned.


Words of affirmation

Do compliments set your heart aflutter? If that's the case, your preferred love language is probably words of affirmation. Or if this is your other half - they will feel the most appreciated and cared for when you use kind and encouraging language. Try leaving them a cute note in the morning to say thank you for making dinner last night, or send them a message at lunch to let them know you care. 


Receiving gifts

A person who loves receiving gifts appreciates the physical object's sentiment. This doesn't mean a large and expensive gift. It could be that the person you're dating picked up your favorite chocolate bar before coming over for movie night. The time and effort it took to pick the gift and get it is part of the impact that makes someone feel so loved when receiving it. Don't wait for the perfect time if your partner's love language is gifts. Surprise them with something thoughtful celebrating LGBT Pride Month.


Quality time

Someone whose primary love language is quality time will appreciate nothing more than undivided attention from their partner. You probably feel most loved and cared for when spending time alone with your romantic partner if this is you. Whether this is you or your partner, try spending time together without any external distraction - put the phone away, and whether it's spending a cozy evening at home together or planning a day trip together, focus on being in the moment.

Most people will be a mix of a couple of love languages. That's why it's always nice to mix things up and show love in different ways. There's one right way to show love. Love is love. And we are all deserving of it.

Not sure what your love language is? Take this fun quiz to find out - and let us know your love language in the comments below.

As always, love the Easy Clothes team xx


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