How To Build The Perfect Capsule Collection For Transeasonal Dressing

How To Build The Perfect Capsule Collection For Transeasonal Dressing

It's the perfect way to ALWAYS look put together.

 The idea of owning a capsule wardrobe has been around for a long time, but we understand that it's unrealistic and boring to wear the same 30 pieces of clothing year after year. 

So we're proposing a new idea. 

A seasonal capsule wardrobe that stays true to your personal style without flipping your entire closet upside down. 


What is a capsule wardrobe? And how do I build one?

A collection of 5-7 on-trend items, and you can mix and match them together or wear with other items already in your closet. It's pieces that match the style and the season of the moment and that you'll be excited to parade around the office or to brunch. 

And we're here to show you how to do that. 


What you need to get started 

The relaxed but smart trouser pants

The Beige Jennie pants say business, but I still care about comfort. In a neutral beige and pleat detail, they pair perfectly with a fitted sweater or an oversized top. Either tuck shirts in or keep your look casual and let your shirt flow freely over the pants.

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*THE* Classic Oversized Shirt

If you don't already have this classic piece in your closet - it's a must. Our Beige Delphine Overshirt is the perfect addition to your mini capsule collection. The thick cotton material looks very modern styled with a cute t-shirt or even a turtleneck sweater underneath. Dress it up or dress it down; it really is the 'blank canvas' of your wardrobe.

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A maxi dress for layering (or not)

A maxi dress in a neutral color or print, like our Leopard Evadia dress, is the perfect feminine touch to your capsule wardrobe. Throw your unbuttoned white shirt over or do up the button and tie the ends - play around with the styling. Layering a jumper over the top turns it into a maxi skirt - ala - multifunctional.

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A statement top to match your personal style

There should always be an attention-grabbing piece, like our Pink Enolla blouse, that you can throw on when you want a bit of extra oomph. The mix of viscose and silk means it's made from natural materials and will keep you feeling cool when the weather starts heating up. It's the perfect capsule wardrobe piece and is a much more versatile item than you may realize.

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A versatile jacket that goes with anything

A good jacket can be hard to find, so if you have one - hold on to it. Here's our absolute favorite - the Brown Nita coat. The soft brown color and cozy shearling fabric is easy to throw on with basically anything and is guaranteed to get you many compliments. You can even style it with your workout clothes, and it'll look chic.

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Why a seasonal capsule collection is so great

  • Easy to pick outfits - you don't need a massive collection of clothes, just a curated collection of clothing items in your current wardrobe.  
  • Everything matches! What a miracle - you can say goodbye to the 'I have nothing to wear' mini-meltdown in the morning.
  • Allows you to invest in a mix of high-quality classic items that won't go out of style and fashion pieces that align with the season's trends.
  • Gives you a 'signature' look which we all know is the ultimate measure of fashion - hello Anna Wintour.

Whether you want to downsize to a 'mini wardrobe' or you're looking for a way to incorporate the capsule wardrobe concept into your current closet situation, we hope our seasonal wardrobe idea has inspired you to give it a shot. 


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As always - love Easy Clothes xx

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